These are a few samples of my work.  I first taught myself about programming computers when I bought “Jamsa’s C/C++/C# Programmer’s Bible” when I was in high school, and it’s been my favorite hobby ever since.  Unfortunately I haven’t had much time for side projects since I enrolled in the Electrical/Computer Engineering degree at George Mason University, but I still like to pursue projects when I have the time.

  • Constructive Solid Geometry – My implementation of boolean set operations in three-dimensional space.  It’s kind of hard to explain what that means in a brief summary, but if you click the link there’s some pictures explaining the process and why it’s useful.
  • GORT II - My senior design project.  GORT is a 6′ tall robotic avatar that users steer remotely using a PC and an Xbox controller.  My responsibilities for this project include user interface and video streaming; other team members are implementing electronics and movement.
  • The Junkie – A program written using Python, GTK and SQLite for organising and viewing comic book collections digitally.
  • gleam – a GUI library for OpenGL.  This was originally part of a turn-based strategy game I was developing back in 2010, but I had to postpone it because I was busy with classes.  By the time I finally did have more time to work on my game I had lost interest in it because I wanted to wok on The Junkie.
  • md2_viewer – A simple demo application for gleam that loads, displays and animates 3D models saved in the Quake II .MD2 format.